Mittwoch, März 30, 2011

Long time no write

It has been a while I have dedicated my time to write. A lot has happened since. I was again in China and saw astonishing. Dedicated people eager to learn with the pride to satisfy and improve. The only pitfall that the Westerners who received the order to have things manufactured offshore still have the attitude from 15 years ago by providing supervision with policing and not providing an environment of education. The world press is all on the topic that the USA is less and less manufacturing in their own country. Well this is true and therefore even if an apprentice program never existed the Youth today doesn't have the chance to keep the trade alive. The possible teachers are offshore and enjoy policing instead. It seems to be rather an issue of society and not the fault of globalization as everyone would like to believe. Just look around. If you want to learn you seldom find a teacher or wisdom near. You rather require a smartphone and a fast W(M)iFi connection to share, talk and hope you haven't lost your intelligence by evolution.
This brings me to another topic. The Middle East uprise! An avalanche similar as Eastern Europe had taken their chances. I wish them luck in their change and hope that they will keep their willingness to live free without loosing the ability to learn. Well the Western world again has shown that it has lost it's ability to learn. The accident or whatever you like to say that has hit the Fukushimas power plant was not originated by the earthquake or tsunami that hit Japan 11 Mar2011. How can it be that the quasi intelligent nations still have Atomic Energy in their portfolio? Sellafield, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl? Stupid people state thru world media that the Chernobyl core melt only caused 50 dead! A shame that a majority believes that sh?*. And what about the core waste? Even the USA has it's atomic waste within the power plant like in Fukushima because they still haven't got a clue where to store elsewhere ( because it's dangerous and we don't know what could happen to nature). Oh yeah, we could buy oil from the New Middle East to temporary compensate the loss of energy and gift the atomic waste to them with the promise to have policemen stationed in their country to avoid chaos and education.

My thoughts go to the people that suffered the loss of family and assets by the soley nature driven Earthquake, Tsunami (03/11/2011 Japan).

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