Samstag, Mai 31, 2008

Back in the USA

Hi all,
I'm back in the USA and having great fun developing social schemes. Was almost again in a fight between boooooooothed americans. Similar to the Indians, they do not accept any fire-water in there body. I've almost punched a fist into a handsome american face because he wasn't accepting "Gewalt ist keine Lösung" in english, stop the bullshit. It won't help yourself if you even would have a croocked nose!. On the other hand the evening before was amusing. Had chats and benchmarking of the the american vibes. The US has sold itself to bargains they can't reach. Everybody is aware of it but they can't fight against it because they are not really selfassured. To be honest I would have liked to smacked that idiot, just to be his preacher. Love ya all.