Montag, Mai 14, 2007

Du hast die Gegensätze gezeigt

Hier ist Bri,
Wir sind alle froh, dass alles raus kommt was raus kommen soll!!!!!!!.
Die Bilder sind fantastisch. Die Bauern auf dem Feld und als nächstes Hochhäuser, WOW.
Als Ami war ich sehr angetan als ich gesehen habe. das
"The american way of life" sich elabliert hat. Ich meine "7 eleven" in China.

Wir warten auf deine weiteren Berichte
Love Bri.

First of all: Thanks for the wonderful virtual lilac - better than real once - I´ve got so much longer from them - AND - I never got flowers from China.
As Bri said: wonderful pictures and that he saw 7eleven - he had to show me the pictures thrice before I saw it (bet you didnt see it either). Oma was made to bring her glasses (she fights that to the brim), so she could see the pictures and we had asparagues with hollandaise. Got a picture of Oma to prove it. She loades one big piece of apsaragues with masses of hollandaise into her mouth and didnt make it. While she alsways ignores the napkins - this time she was about to use it and I fought it (never would have gotten all that hollandaise out of it). Well anyways. she later played Loriot with the dessert, but we didnt get a picture out of that - had a lot of laughs.
As you can see, we are leading exiting lives here, too!!!!!!!!

Forgot to tell you: when we left from Berlin and decided for a break and Pinkelpause, your father came back from the loo with a sullen face and said: There I stood, doing my businness as all of a sudden the Navi in my pocket says: Nach 50 Metern, folgen sie dem Straßenverlauf.
Na ja, ich hab gegrölt vor Lachen und Oma mußte gleich wieder aufs Klo.

I assume, you had a terrific weekend behind you, done lots of shopping and ready for the next round. Great to hear from you (so I dont know where you find the time to write your diary!

Love and hugs - Bram